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Science 8
Instructor: Ms. Jones   
IPAD Web links
SOL Practice/Times and food drive
Well we are into SOL review time. Several of you are looking for ways to review outside of class. Jlab is an excellent resource as is Quizlet. I am sending home the review packets you have been working on, so work on those. Many of you held onto your 7th grade binders as well. If you complete a 40 question quiz and get an 80% on it, you can email it to me for extra credit.
Our SOL is June 4th at 11:30.

The cafeteria is heading a food drive for our local food banks. Summer can be a difficult time for some families, so if you have anything to donate, please bring it in. There will be a box in my room.
Science update
Whew! Where did this year go? I can't believe it is May already. Science students will be coming home with homework from my class almost every day. We are working on reviewing 6/7 and 8th grade material for the SOL. This homework will be checked at the beginning of class and you will get a grade based on completion. We will then go through it. Please take a look at this review and try your best. If you do not turn it in on time I will still take it, but only for 1/2 credit.  If you are interested in doing extra credit, you can do jlab practice tests online. You will earn 5 points for each 40 question quiz you take that you get an 80% on. Please make sure you enter your name at the beginning of the test. At the end you can enter in my email jonesha@staffordschools.net. If you are unhappy with your recent waves quiz and you got below a 10 out of 15, please do corrections and hand it back in.
You can find the link to jlab under the SOL review link on my page.
Thanks, Mrs. Jones

Volunteer Opportunity!
I am going to volunteer Sunday morning April 27th, I would love to see some other students volunteer. Make it a family event! If you can't attend the volunteer meeting, contact the coordinator, she will help you out.


Volunteers are needed to serve as Ambassadors for the 3rd USA Science & Engineering Festival April 24-27, 2014.  Each Volunteer will receive a beautiful orange Festival T-shirt and get a “behind the scenes” peek at the largest celebration of science & engineering in the world.  To volunteer, sign up for a specific job and shift HERE.  http://www.usasciencefestival.org/2014-volunteer-at-the-usa-science-and-engineering-festival/opportunities.html

 Pick up your volunteer t-shirt at our training next Saturday, April 19th from 10-noon or 1-3pm at 1601 K Street NW, Washington, DC.  If you can’t make the training, contact Carol at volunteer@usasciencefestival.org for webinar details.  

 Sign up now and tell your friends to sign up with you.  Pick your job, shift, and location! http://www.usasciencefestival.org/2014-volunteer-at-the-usa-science-and-engineering-festival/opportunities.html

 Students 13 and above can volunteer independently.  Students 10-12 need a parent chaperone.





Grocery Bags and 2 liters
We are going to extend our plastic bag collection and 2-liter bottle collection for one more week. If you have any plastic grocery bags, please send them in we are trying to win a BENCH for the most bags collected in the district! We are currently 2nd in the county! But just barely! We are also trying to build a greenhouse out of 2 liter bottles. The homeroom that collects the most gets a Ice Cream Float party! 

Thanks, Mrs. Jones
Grade Changes
Hi Everyone,  

The students took a test and turned in a study guide over the past few days, however since we printed yesterday, the grades the students took home may not be updated (some are, some aren't). Please check Synergy for the most up to date grades. This particularly applies to my 3Y class. I will allow test corrections next week.  
Thanks and have a great weekend! Mrs. Jones
No Vermicomposting tomorrow
For those of you that were going to help out at the Vermicomposting workshop on Saturday at England Run library, we are cancelling. We will reschedule. Thanks! Mrs. Jones
Quiz on Wed/Thursday
Don't forget to study for your quiz on Wed and Thurs!


This is your vocab list and you need to know how to draw a Lewis Dot Diagram.
I am so excited about the Winter Olympics starting today! NBC put together some information about the science behind the Olympics. If you find anything interesting you want to share with me, please email me anytime. Take care! Mrs. Jones

A little science
Another snow day! I thought you all might be getting bored so here are a couple things to keep you busy.

This week: Space Tourism

Get tourism tips from Neil, including what to visit on Mars and what he really thinks of the Martian moons. Learn about why we puke in space, how to avoid it, and why there’s less vomit on the Vomit Comet these days. Find out how Space Elevators work and why they’re not feasible… yet. Plus, who is going to drive space tourism, government or private industry, or do they each have their roles to play?


Or maybe you wanted to learn more about the polar regions? Beautiful


Enjoy your next couple days and plan on coming back ready to work hard and learn lots of new science.
Take care, Harmony Jones
Midterm Study Guide
It is that time of year again! In order to help you all ace the Midterm, Mr. Mullen and I put together a list of vocabulary from Chapter 1-5. You received a paper copy of the vocabulary in class. The Quizlet link

You can also access it on Quizlet.


You must study! We will not be spending time in class reviewing with the iPads like we did for chapter 5. Please come to your exam prepared to take it. You also need to have made your own 25  flashcards, either on notecards or on a piece of paper. These are also due in class on your test day.

Good luck and study hard!
Test on Thursday and Friday
We are going to have a chapter 5 test on Thursday for x day students and Friday for Y day students. Here is the list of vocabulary words you will need to know. http://quizlet.com/33780020/chapter-5-vocabulary-flash-cards/

You will get a study guide on Tuesday and Wednesday in class. Thanks, Mrs. Jones
Extra Credit
If you think the Elements song by Leher is too hard, you can also earn extra credit memorizing Meet the Elements by They Might be Giants. 
Here is the link which includes the lyrics: 

Quiz Next Week/Blanket Drive
Next Tuesday and Wednesday we are going to have a quiz on the periodic table. Please make sure you can identify the groups and periods. You must be able to tell me what the atomic number and mass represent. You will be able to use the tables that we colored in class- but only those. If you need another copy, come by and pick one up.

Extra Credit: 20pts for memorizing the Elements song, 5 points for reading it in the same style as Tom Leher.
Here is the link to the video we watched in class. You can google the lyrics or pick up a copy near my class door.


We are also going to collect warm blankets (gently used) to donate to the homeless in our area. Please bring in any warm blankets, comforters, or even warm jackets you would like to donate. A friend of mine will be taking them to one of the local tent cities outside DC. Ask your neighbors or family if they have anything they would like to see go to people in need.

Mrs. Jones
Chapter 4 Test
On Monday and Tuesday we will be having a chapter 4 test. I have created a Quizlet vocabulary list. We will be studying this in class but you will need to study it the night before your test as well! 


Take the practice tests! If you can't access this online, I can print out practice tests for you.

Study study study study.....
Parent Conferences
Well it is that time of year again, parent conference time! I would love the opportunity to meet with the parents of all of my students, however I know many of you are very busy. If you can't meet with me on Wed. please don't hesitate to email me and we can set up a phone conference or we can meet on another day.  I am trying a new sign up method this year. I created a sign up form on Sign Up Genius. It is very quick and easy to use. You can see what spots I have available and sign up for whatever time works for you.


If you would rather email me the time you want, feel free to do so. I can't wait to meet you all! Mrs. Jones
2 Liter Bottles
As most of you know we are trying to collect 75 2-liter bottles for our bottle rockets. We are very close. If you have any that you could send in that would be great. Please rinse them first. Thank you
Week 3
So far this year seems to be off to a great start. I am  pleased overall with the grades from the Science Notebook and the first quiz. I was a little disappointed to hear a lot of students say that they didn't study. Please remind them that studying for tests and quizzes is important. 

I have brought in a few issues of Popular Science, Wired and Popular Mechanics. Many of the students really enjoy reading them if they finish early. If you or anyone you know has any old issues, I would really appreciate it if you could donate them to my class. I promise that they will be well loved and used.

Thank you for all of the support you offer at home, Harmony Jones
5 Gallon Buckets
I really need 8 more 5 gallon buckets and lids. If you have one in your garage, collecting dust, please consider sending it in. We are so close to starting our worm farms! If you work at a grocery store that decorates cakes, you may use these buckets for icing. I know Wal-Mart, Giant and Food Lion all buy their white icing in the 5 gallon buckets.  Please rescue these from the garbage and send them in for us! I would love to have enough by Friday! Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks! Mrs. Jones

We are also hoping someone might have an old food processor lying around they wouldn't mind donating. Thank you so much.
Week 2 Update
Well the first few weeks are zooming by! A couple of quick notes....
  • If your student has not turned in their lab safety form, I need that signed by the end of the week.
  • A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the parents who have sent in soap and other supplies! The classroom runs more smoothly with your support.
  • Please save and send in your 2 liter soda bottles.
  • If your student is interested in Science Fair, please let me know!

Also, we are working on the metric system. I know it is like a foreign language for many students. If you have the opportunity to expose your student to the metric system at home, it will help reinforce the work we are doing in class. Many measuring cups have ml listed, the speedometer in the car and the containers most of our food comes in, list the amounts using the metric system. These are all easy examples to expose the students too. I appreciate your help.

Don't hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can do to assist your student!  Thanks for your help!
Class rules and welcome
Classroom Rules and Expectations
Mrs. Jones
Physical Science
Classroom Rules:
Respect: Yourself, the teacher, the paraprofessional, classroom and peers
Ownership: Be prepared for class; take responsibility for your learning
Cooperation: Teamwork
Kindness: Positive comments, listen when others speak
Safety: Follow all Lab Safety Rules
What I expect from YOU….
·         Come to class prepared EVERYDAY (Pencil, paper, Science notebook, Textbook, homework and positive attitude).
·         Complete all assigned work on time
·         Always try your best and take responsibility for your actions and learning
·         Respect yourself, the teachers, peers and classroom
·         Follow school and classroom rules at all times
·         Don’t waste class time
Classroom Procedures
·         At the beginning of class, come in, get seated and start on daily journal without being prompted by the teacher
·         Don’t get out of your seat without permission
·         When you are absent from class it is your responsibility to make up work. I will provide you with the work you missed but it is your job to get it done. You have two days to make up missing work.
·         Mrs. Jones’ desk, cabinets and drawers are off limits
·         Late work should be put into your notebook for partial credit.
·         Restroom/Hall Pass
o   Fill out your agenda before asking Mrs. Jones to sign it.
o   Sign out in the back of the room
o   While in the hallway, as a class or as an individual you are expected to remain silent. Don’t visit friends or other classrooms.
Your Science Notebook
·         Your science notebook should be a three ring binder divided into two parts.
·         The first part is for your daily journal. You will need lined paper to respond to the daily journal entry.
·         If you miss a day, it is your responsibility to get that day’s journal entry from a friend.
·         The second part is where you will keep all of your completed work. This becomes a reference for            you to study for tests and quizzes and the end of the year SOL.
·         Do not lose this notebook. Notebook checks will take place about twice a month and are worth approximately 25% of your grade and the daily journal entries are another 10%.
 Matter Webquest.pdf
Matter Webquest
 Study Guide for Matter Chapter 2.docx
Study guide for test 1 10/6 and 10/7
 Life Science Review Words.xlsx
Life Science Review words
 Study guide quiz 1.docx
Study guide for Quiz 1
 Physical Science Journal Check List.doc
Here is the journal checklist. You will receive one in class and have time in class to make sure you have all of the materials you need.
 Elements Mixtures compounds notes.docx
Study Guide for Elements Mixtures and Compounds Quiz
 Study Guide for Atom Test.docx
Please review all of chapter 11
 Key science 8 midterm study guide.pdf
Key to midterm study guide
 Chapter 7 Study Guide.doc
Vocabulary on chapter 7 study guide
 Chapter 11 Study Guide or Test.pdf
Sorry this one is called Chapter 11 but is actually for chapter 7. We did not cover hydraulics so you can ignore those questions. 30 of the 45 questions will be on the test.
 Heat Transfer Powerpoint for notes.ppt
Heat Power Point. This will be shown in class this week.
 Inventions Unit
Pick one to complete by 4/17.
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